Creative Challenge

Even Davinci had moments when he couldn’t think what in the world to paint next, or so I imagine. Enter my Creative Challenge! It’s mine to inspire myself to think longer about what I make. I am  a person who can makes stuff happen fast so to rein in my enthusiastic nature , I am making one small textile item each month and my theme is Calendar Cards. If anyone else gets inspired by my little challenge that is a bonus!

The little Joy piece is one my dd made years ago for gifts for Christmas. It was my inspiration for the 2017 Challenge. I almost called this challenge a resolution but as I didn’t have the inspiration until Jan 29th that might confuse.

I had made the 2 hearts above in early Jan. so I had a little head start on Jan and Feb. March is going to be the 1st big challenge for me creatively because I am trying to let the IDEA percolate in my head for half the month so not to rush.

This is March’s inspiration , we shall see how well I do come March.

Sew Something today and every day! Alisten