About facing 

So face your quilt, don’t let it intimidate you , facing is easier than binding and very forgiving of a technique when done with a little care. I am facing my little April quilt that isn’t quite done in the center but ready to be faced , head on , if you can stand one more pun. I owe a gift of gratitude to Robbi Joy Eclov for this this  particular bent on facing . She is brilliant and apply named for sure. When I get home I will turn the facing to the back and tack it down. The folded triangles in the corners mean I don’t have to do an awkward stop and start on the edges. Sew on, y’all. 


Sewing on a Sunday

I am very happy this years daylight savings spring forward day coincides with a Sunday that my church has a 3 pm service. My mind is saying it’s 9 am but my body says NOT! The service is called , Rhythms of Grace, it’s a family worship service where all forms of physical and vocal responses are embraced, every second Sunday of the month.  Rhythms of Grace is an adaptive church service for those for whom conventional worship may be difficult, including those on the Autism Spectrum. For myself it is being hard of hearing that makes this service nice.

I am sewing today on 3 little quiltlets that I plan to give to a family with 2 new foster kids. They already had one little 3 year old boy and now have 2 that are 3 and one that is 2. I met them Wed. night and they are a handful.

I hope you too Sew Something today ! ittakes3march12

”Sew Something” every day!

Life is up and down ,  downright challenging ! Then someone comes along and invites me to a party , and it’s all good.  Thanks Toni , counting the day to St. Patty’s day!!

Everyone should be able to sew ,  clothes get holes in the seams, hems fall out and for most people nothing in retail fits, no matter the budget.  Quilting is sewing and an easy way to begin mastering a sewing machine. Quilts are (for the most part)  flat. Sewing clothes that fit your body is a bit tricky not to mention it’s imperative to know the shape of your body , learning to love your bits and lovingly create clothes that fit and make one feel fabulous. And not to mention , ( yeah I known I am mentioning) paying others to mend clothes is silly, allow me to teach you to sew, and unleash the creativity that is lurking in every human.

My March challenge is done. My muse is on the left. And it’s early March ,so kudos to moi, si vous plait.