”Sew Something” every day!

Life is up and down ,  downright challenging ! Then someone comes along and invites me to a party , and it’s all good.  Thanks Toni , counting the day to St. Patty’s day!!

Everyone should be able to sew ,  clothes get holes in the seams, hems fall out and for most people nothing in retail fits, no matter the budget.  Quilting is sewing and an easy way to begin mastering a sewing machine. Quilts are (for the most part)  flat. Sewing clothes that fit your body is a bit tricky not to mention it’s imperative to know the shape of your body , learning to love your bits and lovingly create clothes that fit and make one feel fabulous. And not to mention , ( yeah I known I am mentioning) paying others to mend clothes is silly, allow me to teach you to sew, and unleash the creativity that is lurking in every human.

My March challenge is done. My muse is on the left. And it’s early March ,so kudos to moi, si vous plait.



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