Cartes D’Amites

I am thinking of Valentines day in December , as to start off  my new booth at Junk in the Trunk in Athens in mid January, I am making some Valentine textiles. I will make new textiles each month. I wanted to stitch the French word for heart so I looked up French Valentine web pages,  This web page name is fun, Lost in France, been there done that ! I should tell you all about the trip to Mont Saint-Michel when I found out I had accidentally been given a master key that opened all the doors in the hotel. What an amazing place and story! But I digress , I am making some fresh new textiles for sale in my booth , I will have some furniture and other items for sale besides textiles. I am a fan of antiques and love finding great things at thrift stores so I can satisfy my urge to hunt for antiques now that my home is full. Each month there will be new textiles for what ever holiday is contained in the month.

I hope to see some more traffic with my new blog , this is where I will post about whats in the booth for the month.  Come check out Junk in the Truck a fun fun fun place!

The cool wooden heart above is a Pinterest pin from Jessica Friesen from Arizona , not sure where she found it.

Below are the 1st 2 of my Le Coeur textiles.

Lets all sew something everyday!